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The Bystander Mixtape's curriculum embodies the spirit and language within communities that want to activate accountability for those who struggle with intervening in potentially violent situations due to a cultural value system. This curriculum was designed to deconstruct the mindsets of being a “snitch” or “minding your own business” while placing the sanctity and safety of a life as the first priority. 


Within the African American community, it is not the first thought to be an interventionist due to the potential negative ramifications within the community. However, this training will help to realign the need for Black Men to take a more aggressive stance against patriarchy, abuse and other acts of violence performed within our communities especially against our Black Women, Trans Women, and Gender Non-Conforming population. 


Those who participate in this training, often leave with a burden to be their brother or sister’s keeper, holding their friends and partners accountable for potentially reckless behavior, and the desire for a safe a healthy community on campus, at home or in their workplace

  1. A comprehensive curriculum from BWB that positions bystander intervention as a critical component to any prevention education on violence against women; clarifies what bystander intervention strategies are; and instructs stakeholders on how to utilize bystander intervention techniques on the ground.

  2. A culturally specific and theory ­based curriculum which grounds bystander intervention in sound theory, while ensuring its absolute relevance and specificity to Black/African American student populations.

  3. Increased capacity on behalf of Black men and others to utilize tools designed for population ­specific primary prevention strategies on sexual assault and other violence.

This training provides: 


The Bystander Mixtape available now for



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